Shizen Ya

16 Jul

shizenyaWhenever I have guests who are vegetarian, I would bring them to Shizen Ya. First, this place is very close to where I live. Second, they serve creative dishes with organic greens. Third, they have a decent environment which won’t make you feel too serious or fancy to walk in and they have good service.

It was my first time to order the Wild Rice Tofu Salad with Quinoa. The dressings, cold tofu, cherry tomatoes, greens and Quinoa are all very fresh, nicely blended in with the vinegary dressing, cool down your nerves and I am sure this is one of the most healthy dish on earth. This salad is my favourite dish. If you like a low-carb, gluten-free the green roll would be perfect because they are with all the vegetable that you could imagine and were wrapped with dried seaweed. I don’t know how they could wrap it so nice and they won’t fall apart. Again, all the greens are crunchy and fresh. Most of the rolls they served involve avocado, like the natural bomber roll. Their sashimi is not as outstanding as their organic greens, the Sakura blossom roll is on the soft side, the taste is good but there is not much texture as the nature of the ingredients used.

Overall, I am happy with the healthy, fresh and creative choices of dishes at Shizen Ya.

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