Cafe Zen on Yew

4 Aug

zen cafe

Meeting up with Mr.A today. A hot sunny day and let’s have a walk near the beach after lunch. Therefore I planned to goto Zen Cafe at Yew street. It’s easy to spot this place since there is a yellow canopy outside with a big Chinese word – 禪 out there. Inside it’s not as Zen as I thought. It’s more like a bright European style diner. It was Monday at 2pm, it was not as hectic as weekend.

I am not a big FAN of Benedict or Omelette. Therefore I just ordered a classic breakfast with sausages. Mr. A ordered the B L T E C H, as he asked me what it was. I guess it meant Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Egg, Cheese, Ham/Hamburger? Well, I don’t know what “H” stands for even now.

What could I say about the most memorable thing in the dish?

Crispy potato harsh.

PS I suspect they got really good Benedict/ Omelette because they occupied half of the menu.
Oh, and “H” stands for harsh brown.

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