Hungry Clam

27 Jul

hungry clam

Yes. I am back. Sorry for not writing for a while. I hope you still enjoy reading ieate.

More food from here and there. And this is a restaurant called Hungry Clam at Friday Harbor, it’s a beautiful small tourists area at San Juan Island, WA. I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit and it was a wonderful trip with lots of walking. And of course, food hunting is another part that I always enjoy.

We visited this diner on the first day of arrival. After wandered every streets in order to get an idea what kind of food was around, we decided to give this restaurant a try. Of course, we were looking for a place that would not empty our pockets. Since it was a very hot day in summer, my friend suggested to pick the patio seats. I am not a big fan of patio seating, although it was nice to feel the breeze. At last, we had a booth beside the window. I loved the view from the window because the restaurant is situated on top of the slope, it provides an aerial point for us to have a beautiful view of the harbor.

Since it was 11:30 in the morning, the waitress gave us the breakfast menu. I loved breakfast but my friend did not want any greasy food. What should we do? I sneak peek what’s going on with the other tables and saw they got two menus! I asked the waitress for the lunch menu, too. She was polite and helpful, with warm smile. I did not look at the menu because I saw waffles look so good, every table got waffles! Therefore, that’s my golden, warm and fluffy waffles, sausage patty and scramble eggs. I felt lucky to have such high quality waffles because I remembered last time I had waffle, it tasted like a rubbery mat.

Anyway, I love my food. My friend’s BLT is good, too. But I would say waffles won.

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