The Elbow Room Cafe

29 Aug

The Elbow Room CafeThis was my second visit to the Elbow Room Cafe. Me and my friend went there at 2pm in order to avoid the rush hour. The place was quiet after 2pm just as we expected. The waiter put down the menu and asked what we would like to drink. Once we said water, he asked us to help ourselves. I poured two cups of water and bought back to our table. When I walked back, I saw a huge saucer pancake on our neighbour’s table. It amazed me because I did not think anyone could finish it together with a big breakfast. After a while, my friend has made her decision. I already knew what I was going to get. The same old basic: cheddar burger with soup. My friend ordered the Princess burger (Bacon, sliced avocado, feta and camembert cheese). After we placed our order, the waiter started an amazing conversation with us. He could speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, Japanese…he said he knew 16 languages. Once he knew we spoke Cantonese, he started throwing out phrases that was quite embarrassing. I was shocked at first, but then, I just laughed because he told us his Chinese friend taught him. I don’t know why everyone would like to introduce nasty words to a new language learner. The waiter was so funny and he kept interacting with the cook in the kitchen and told us the funny stories of how he learnt Chinese. Our burgers and soup was soon arrived. The soup was just as good as usual, full of flavour. There were onion, celery, carrot, barley, beef and some herb (sorry that I am not professional enough to tell what type of herb it was) inside. If you got a small appetite, you would be full after you finished the soup. The burger was a bit on the salty side, the patty was firm and not very moist. And they used Ciabatta as the burger bun. Honestly, I liked Ciabatta sandwich, but not Ciabatta burger. Because it was quite tough for burger, I like soft and fluffy bread with the hot patty more. Overall, I loved this place because of the diversity of people working there. I enjoyed those 80s nasty Cantonese jokes made by the waiter and it was my pleasure to know such an interesting “gweilo” working there!

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