Rom Mai Thai

29 Aug

Rom Mai ThaiI was too hungry that day after we visited the Frye Art Museum, which located near Capitol Hill area. This time, I wanted to try a decent place nearby but I did not know why we ended up at Madison Park. And it was already three o’clock, I did not feel like having any crepes as I was starving. Getting on the bus again and came back to where we were – Capitol Hill, finally, I figured out the street I used to plan to go was called Broadway! I remembered I always hanged around here when I first came to Seattle. After a few blocks of walking, we made a decision and went to Rom Mai Thai. The decoration looks authentic to me, very south east asian with green and yellow as the main colour scheme. My partner wanted to try the Swimming Noodle, as the menu described: Pan-fried rice noodles with choice of chicken, pork, tofu, or [beef or prawns $1.00 extra] spinach and topped with peanut sauce. I knew it was a kind of dessert-like dish as I saw there were peanut sauce in it. Normally I would refuse to order it but I thought I should try this time because I didn’t want to ruin our mood anymore (after a long walk under the sun). Other than that, I have to try not to be a manipulating freak. Anyway, I picked the spring roll and the papaya salad. I think it is always good to pick these two dishes in a Thai restaurant, it’s safe and there are not much room for them to ruin it. But I forgot to pay attention to the details in the menu. When the spring roll came, I figured out the fillings inside were cabbage, rather than shrimp and pork. I guess I was too hungry and forgot to order the right one. But they still did a good job on making them crispy, not oily. It’s a bit bland to me because of the cabbage inside (this is just my personal preference, I like spring roll with fillings of seafood or meat mixed with vegetables). The papaya salad was good (just not spicy enough although we said medium spicy), it’s a mix of spicy, sour and a little salty flavour. The texture of green papaya was crunchy and they were sliced very thin so that every bits of sauce were picked up by these thin little crunchy monsters. You can also wrapped them up with the raw cabbage leaves on the side to reduce the spiciness of this dish. The Swimming Noodle came last and the rice noodle are truly drowned by the peanut sauce. They tasted as sweet as I expected. There were chicken pieces and some dried chili flakes underneath the sauce as you dug through the noodle. The sauce was too sweet, heavy and gooey for me and they were not very well pan-fried noodle (no “wok-hei” at all, means “the force of the wok”. This a Cantonese term used to describe if there were enough effort [from the chef] or enough power [of the gas stove] during the pan frying process). This dish tasted just like two separated thing – plain noodle with sweet peanut sauce. But at least we had try a new noodle dish, rather than ordering Pad Thai every time in a Thai restaurant. The service in this restaurant was very good because the waiter was very polite, he would came several times to refill water and would ask you whether the food was good or not. Seattle got plenty of Thai restaurants compared to Vancouver, I guess this place is definitely decent enough for Vancouverites.

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