Mighty-O Donuts

19 Aug

mighty - OAfter we had lunch at Kisaku, we walked around the neighbourhood. The main goal was to find a place so that I could consume my little drop of poison – coffee. It was not an easy task, not that there were no coffee shops around. On the other hand, there were at least three coffee shops for us to choose from. We decided to go to this funky donut store. Why I said it was a funky place? Not because of their interior design or the people who worked there. It’s because of its name itself, Mighty – O gave so much meaning to their organic donuts. Yes, organic donuts. I studied their blackboard and it said no preservatives, no artificial colorings or flavours, no chemical preservatives, no hydrogenated oils (no trans fat), no animal derived ingredients and cholesterol free (actually I do not remember all, I cheated as I look it up on their website). That’s the first time I have heard about organic donuts because I don’t think people would spend time on make donuts more healthy. But this store cares about donuts. Yes, they did. And after I read the blackboard, I was worried about what I got from eating donuts in other places. Mighty-O donuts are definitely different from what we got from Tim Horton”s (a Canadian chained coffee store) or from Lee’s Donut (a well-known donut store at Granville Island, Vancouver BC). The brown one in the picture was with a dense texture and lots of chocolate flavour. I forgot what it was called, “Devil playground”, maybe? The two little ones were cinnamon sugar. Again, with dense texture and generous cinnamon sugar grains on them. I think the reason why I liked their donuts was because they did not have the taste of “old” oil which make you feel sick and greasy, they did not have the oily texture either. Rather than donuts, I had to say something about their coffee! Their coffee was great, fresh and strong, not sour nor watery. I got a double shot Americano in a smallest cup. That’s my recent favourite way of taking my poison. When I walked by their kitchen, I saw how they made the raspberry donut. They were brushing some fresh crushed raspberry sauce on top of each donut. They all looked lovely. They all looked mighty.

Mighty-O Donuts on Urbanspoon


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