18 Aug

KisakuKisaku is in Seattle. Yes, I am still writing about what we have ate a week ago. What’s so special about Kisaku? I would say their service and the details of presentation. I believe the presentation of food is very important in a Japanese meal. That’s how you could distinguish whether the Japanese restaurant is run by Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Mexican…and so on. It’s funny that when you can learn different culture from how the food was prepared. Well, let’s go back to Kisaku. We walked more than ten blocks from Wallingford to this place, which took us more than twenty minutes. The worst thing was I forgot the number of the address. Thank god to the photo that I remembered from the web, it is located on the ground floor of a modern red brick building. Now, I should add more detail, for those who could not read maps. It’s right next to Mighty-O donut store. Anyway, finally we are there at 2:00pm, a Saturday afternoon. We got a table near the window. We ordered “Combination A” – 7 pieces of sushi and lunch California roll served with miso soup. (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish, shrimp, surf clam and octopus.) <—which I copied from their website, it costs $11.95. Then we had two more rolls: Wallingford roll (with yellow tail and wrapped by flying fish roe) and Spicy Tuna roll. I would say their sushi was fresh and decent. But it's not like once you ate, you will say "wow"…it's just ummmmm, it's great to have this fresh, very well prepared sushi rather than those big and bulky ones with rice only in the roll. Moreover, they served us a very decent, fresh and cold salad as you seen in the picture (not those like a few lettuce, carrot, orange and some watery sesame sauce) and miso soup before the meal. And they are free. That's the reason why every details matter when you run a Japanese restaurant.

Kisaku on Urbanspoon


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