King Hua

9 Aug

Dim sumI have been to two dim sum restaurants in LA. The first one I went to is called Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, it was a year ago. King Hua is the second one I went was two months ago, during the time I visited my brother in LA. We ordered many dishes for four of us. Some of them have been taken a close-up shot, which recalls my memory:

1. Baked Cha Siu Buns
In Hong Kong we called this a “western” style Cha Siu Bao (bread). They are different than the traditional steam ones.I am sure the dim sum chef in Hong Kong was influenced by the bread from England (because Hong Kong used to be a British Colony). This bun had a fluffy texture and it looked very shiny (it almost look like a fake bun). Inside the bun, there are barbeque pork with sweet sauce. This version got cilantro, too.

2. Braised Bean Curd Rolls and Jelly Fish (cold appetizer)
This dish is always my favourite. I am not sure whether this name is exactly the same as their menu. Since I translated it by myself. When the bean curd skin was wrapped with the mushroom and vegetables, it created multiple folds, which gives a rich tofu flavour to the roll. Although the roll has been pan fried, it was braised with sauce after that. Therefore, it was not greasy at all. This roll is usually called “vegetarian goose” in Cantonese because it is made by vegetables and its texture is liked roasted goose. I do not know how to describe the taste of jelly fish. Basically, it has no taste. The taste usually came from the marinated sauce: vinegar and sesame oil. But the jelly fish got an interesting texture which is very crunchy and slimy. When we were kids, we referred eating jelly fish as eating “rubberband”.

3. Tripe Stew
Very soft and tender with lots of flavour. You might not like them if you don’t eat Offal.

4. Egg Tart
There are two types of Egg tarts. The differences are their crusts. The one we had is a flaky crust. The other type is made by a cookie pie crust. I liked the flaky ones more. Egg tart is my favourite dessert.

It is a pleasure to have dim sum with my friends or relatives because we would order more than we could finish. And dim sum leftovers are always the best.

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