5 Aug

Chinese Japanese FoodThis place is located at Little Tokyo area. You could easily found it as their sign is red in color. When you get in there, red booths are all around. I would say this is a quite cosy place and it reminds me of a vintage cafe. There are plenty of choices in their menu. Ramen, yakitori, gyoza, fried rice… no sushi of course as I would consider this as a Japanese Chinese restaurant. We ordered gyoza, as you seen in the picture, they are quite good, not brillant as you can see they are a bit oily and one is broken. Anyway, their butter fried squid was very good. The texture of the squid was not tough at all and it went so well with the buttery sauce, those thin slices of cabbage would definitely add another layer of crispy texture when you ate with the buttery squid. The chashu cold noodle was an excellent dish to have in this hot summer. They were soaked with a special cold sauce and a little bit of mustard, also, with different ingredients like crab meat, cucumber, chashu (pork), seaweed, ginger, egg. The wonderful part was they are all slices up into thin pieces and after you mixed them together, you could easily have a bit of every taste. Such a wonderful salad. This dish is a special, you can only found it in the menu posted on their wall. Summer is always the best time to have this special dish Hiyashi Chuka (you can also try to make this at home).

Kouraku Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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