Pike Street Fish Fry

22 Jul

fish and chips in capitol hillWe walked around Capitol Hill and trying to find this place – Pike Street Fish Fry after I have read the review at Urbanspoon. We walked into the store and was greeted by a nice young man. I have ordered three pieces cod with coleslaw (yes, the wonderful thing is that you can substitue fries with coleslaw). My partner did not like fried food, therefore she got a fish taco. Well, the fish is still fried but anyway, she could still stand it. My order also came with one of their sauces and I have picked lemon aioli.

The fish is nicely fried. But the batter is a bit thick and too salty, which is not the type I preferred. But I guess it would be good as a night snack with beer. Too bad I don’t drink beer. The coleslaw was made of purple cabbage pickled with vinegar. Again, it tastes alright but is not as good as the creamy type I liked. This is a very cosy place with artsy things all around. I loved the way they decorated their store. I hope they can improved the salty side of the fish and make them as good as how they decorated the fish tank.

Pike Street Fish Fry on Urbanspoon


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