Rusty Pelican Cafe

18 Jul

A good day start with breakfast. Again. Last week, I have spent a nice weekend in Seattle. I figured out Seattle has been changing a lot compared to ten years ago (well, this comment came from the fact of me getting old) There are more good places to eat, more food trucks (yay!), more diverse choice of food. And of course, Seattle got the green lake, which is my favourite place.

Before going to the Green Lake, we wanted to get a decent breakfast. We walked to Wallingford and figured out there is something going on, the street was packed with people… and we figured out there is a kids’ parade in the morning, and it came with an open market with many food vendors. Although there were so much temptation, we decided to go to Rusty Pelican Cafe to get what we want at first. This breakfast place is a very comfortable one, all the decorations made you feel like you are in a cosy American restaurant in the 50s (Well, not until you saw strawberry jam and margarine filled in the little plastic containers). I wonder if it’s the restaurant’s way to snap you back to reality. Anyway, I have ordered the country scramble eggs (with onions, ham and cheese). I didn’t get the cheese because it’s too much now as it also came with potatoes and pancakes (or you can substitue with biscuit or toasts) The potatoes are good, they are soft inside and crunchy on their skin and it goes well with the eggs. Pancakes are just so, so, as you can see in the picture that it’s not fluffy enough. I would rather get one fluffy pancake rather than two flat and thin ones. My partner got one egg with canadian bacon, toast and fresh fruit and that’s a healthier choice. Except that she did not like her fruit – honey dew…she expects them to be apple, orange or strawberry. Next time, let’s ask about what type of fruit they serve before we order. A good breakfast of course, came with a decent price. Good morning sun.

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