Shin Sen Gumi

2 Jul

I was lucky to have a dinner at Shin Sen Gumi on my last day in LA. The one we went is at Monterey Park. I am not so in love with Yakitori place, reasons? There are too many places not knowing what they are doing when they grill the skewers. Most of time, meat turns out to be a tough, salty and plastic-like texture. But this place did fabulous food, everything is perfectly cook. The meat is tender and not salty. There are layers of flavour landed on your taste buds. The tofu (as you can see that white UFO-like object) is a surprise. Soft, smooth and silky that creates a contrast to the rest of the food. Yum. And for dessert, sesame ice-cream is always the best. Thank you brother. He is the guy who always know what, where and how to eat the best food on earth.

Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori & Shabu Shabu on Urbanspoon


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